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August Blog Number 3 Commissions, wasps and shows.

Not added anything for a while. I have been busy working on the garden and doing home improvements, trying to get the cottage ready for winter. As usual with an old property one job leads to other issues. I uncovered two wasps nests and had dozy wasps everywhere in my studio. Not ideal as I got stung on a couple of occasions and we’re still getting the odd one hatching. One dropped in my hair yesterday while I was painting and really freaked me out because I couldn’t get it out. I could just hear it buzzing in my hair. Uhgh! Definitely not conducive to getting into the flow :D

Anyway, whats been happening art wise….

So since my last blog I have taken part in the Buxton Art Festival. I met some lovely people: visitors, new customers, fellow artists and makers.

Thank you to everyone who came to say Hi. I loved meeting you all and enjoyed all the great conversations. I am so grateful to those of you who left your email addresses and all the lovely comments you took the time to write in my little book for me to read. It really does mean so much and I promise I will sort out my mailing list at some point.

Many thanks especially to the people who bought paintings, prints and cards from me.

It is these sales that allow me to continue to buy the materials to paint and pay for the show entry fees <3

I have just finished my first commission (pictured above), a beautiful scene from North Wales of a gorgeous lake surrounded by trees and mountains. The lady saw my work at Sudbury and asked If I would paint something for her and sent me a few pictures.

It was so easy working with her. We had a few discussions about her timeline, size, preference for frames etc. I made a few preliminary sketches for planning and composition, ran them by her and got to work. She absolutely loved it and asked if she could buy and frame the finished sketch too. Both will be framed and ready for her to give to her father for Christmas…NB I require a few months advance notice, due to the lengthy drying time of oil paints

I will be showing my current work at the Wirksworth Festival Art Trail on Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of September 10am-5pm both days. Come and say Hi I will be at Treves’ House a fantastic 4 story Town House, with original aspects and beams dating from the late 1540’s. One time home to Sir Frederick Treves, Surgeon Royal and personal physician to the Elephant Man, apparently. 21, Coldwell St just off the main road by the Red Lyon. You can download your free trail guide at

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